About us Custom Print
This is an opportunity to quickly launch your business in the growing market of Print on Demand (POD) Service
Thanks to our service, you can create your own print shop for clothes and accessories in just 10 minutes
Use the huge base of our prints, as well as download or create Your own unique prints
You can sell your own prints both on your personal site and on all partner sites of our service, additionally receiving royalties.
How It works


Register on our service and become our agent.


Add any prints from our catalog, upload your prints, create your prints using our convenient and intuitive constructor.


Create your own print shop, which will be available at yourshop.customprint.market or at any of your domains.


Start selling, earning agency and royalties fees.

How much can I earn?


An ordinary men's T-shirt with a print in size A6 costs 339 UAH. This is the minimum price of the service.

And then

When selling such a T-shirt with our print, you get an agent fee of 50 UAH.


Your print will be on the T-shirt, you will receive additional royalties of 25 UAH.


You can set your price for any T-shirt (but not less than 339 UAH) and any size of royalties (but not less than 25 UAH).

Your earnings
Service Print T-shirt
339 UAH

Your earnings

50 UAH (agency fee)

T-shirt with your print
339 UAH

Your earnings

75 UAH (50 UAH agency fee + 25 UAH royalties)

T-shirt with your print at your price
389 UAH

Your earnings

125 UAH (50 UAH agency fee + 75 UAH royalties)

Why it Is profitable to work with us

Fast order processing and communication with the buyer

Own tailoring and own printing equipment

The best prices, quality, speed, and service

And that’s all it takes to make the business successful and the customer happy! :)